For Kids

It’s no secret that children are often the most effective missionaries for reaching other children for Jesus – and sometimes their earnest enthusiasm reaches grown-ups too! Each quarter, we produce resources that show children across the globe actively engaged in reaching others for Jesus. These include offering banks, special videos, and coloring pages. Use these materials at home, in Sabbath School, or as part of a school curriculum to cultivate the next generation of young missionaries.

Mission Story Videos

Enjoy watching the children’s mission story video for the current quarter.

Coloring Pages

Every quarter you can download, print, and color a scene from the latest children’s mission story video.

*NEW* Coloring Book

For the first time we are offering your children their very own copy of the “Little Missionaries” Coloring Book. It features scenes from some of our most exciting children’s mission stories.

Mission Bank

Each quarter you can download a new picture for a mission offering bank for kids to color! When your child declares their can is full of money, take it to your local church treasurer with the request that all the funds go to the weekly Sabbath School mission offering.

Children’s Mission Quarterlies

Children love to read. And they often enjoy it when you read with them. The weekly Children’s Mission Quarterly contains mission stories that are an integral part of Adventist Sabbath schools around the world.

Memory Game

Think you know who the first Seventh-day Adventists pioneers were? This fun picture memory game will test how quickly your memory works!